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Need an efficient and easy-to-use timesheet that you can access on the Internet?

Intertec TimePro is an affordable and easy-to-use web timesheet solution that lets you record and manage time records via the Internet or your Intranet.  Intertec TimePro is available as a fully Hosted or In-House solution.

This offer comes with 3 Free user licenses for TimePro In-House to be hosted on your local network.

Alternatively for a hassle free option try TimePro Hosted.  With our fully hosted option (‘In the Cloud’), you can be running Intertec TimePro almost immediately after registering online.  Our Free 30-Day Hosted Trial allows you to use the system with your own data. We can upload your staff and projects. If at the end of your trial you decide to come on board we can transfer your trial data to a production account so you do not lose any of the data you entered.

Main Features

  • Fully web-based: TimePro timesheets can be hosted on our web server or on yours. With our fully hosted option, you can be running TimePro almost immediately after registering online. If you choose to run TimePro In-House, our install program does all the hard work for you.
  • Highly Configurable: TimePro has 60+ configurable items that allow you to tailor the time sheet system to suit your business.
  • Optional QuickBooks, MYOB & Xero Integration: Automate the process of creating Sales Invoices, Purchases Invoices and Payroll using time records captured with TimePro’s QuickBooks/MYOB/Xero Integration Module.
  • Extended Interfaces: Use TimePro’s Compact Interface to access timesheets via your smartphone. Create a virtual Web Time Clock for staff to Punch In/Out of TimePro using any Internet connected device that supports an industry standard web browser.
  • Deploy Immediately: With our hosted timesheets service, you have no expensive infrastructure, installation, setup or maintenance costs. Best of all, you can be up and running with TimePro in no time.
  • Free Upgrades: TimePro Upgrades are included in the subscription price for TimePro Hosted. In-house customers get support and maintenance free for the first year, and then optionally at 20% of the user licence fee for subsequent years.

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